Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More on Mesa and the state budget

Not too much new here except that Mesa is "nervous" about the current state budget standoff. In a bit of not all that shocking news, if the state decides to shut down, it would cause problems for Mesa and other cities throughout the state.

The bigger question here is why is the legislature getting away with such bad behavior? Why are we even talking about a state shut down in the first place? Why are the people who represent Mesa kicking religious groups out of hearings?

It's no wonder why the legislature is being blamed by 52% of people for causing the problem. The real question is: does this apply to taxes as well? If the legislative budget passes and takes a bite out of the local budgets, cities like Mesa and other will most likely be forced to raise taxes, since they have already made their dramatic budget cuts. In that scenario, does the legislature still get the blame?

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