Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beverly Park video

The Tribune has a really neat video of the building of Beverly Park and the collection of volunteers from the community, Home Depot, and Kaboom who came to help. It was really neat to see so many people working together to make such an amazing project happen. Plus, how often do people get to see playground equipment being put together? It's fascinating that some of those things come in disassembled pieces instead of just falling out of the sky pre-assembed.

We would have embedded the video here, but it appears that the Tribune doesn't seem to have the sort of capability. We don't know why they have gone into the amateur video making business, but not given people the tools needed to help share their videos. It doesn't quite make sense.


Heath Reed said...

First of all, bad location for a park. I am happy it got done with Home Depot and Kaboom coming to the rescue. But a park that basically has three walls is not a good place. Parks need to be OPEN for all to see and to feel safe. There is opportunity when light rail comes through the area. Now only if the owner of the trailer park ground will sell their ground and a TOD happens at this location. Also, there is a lower income apartment complex to the east, it needs to be open to them too. Most likely, since they have no yards, they will use this space more than others around the area. It could be a great place if the city helps to plan for this area correctly.

Anonymous said...

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