Monday, June 1, 2009

Flake changing is tune on Immigration?

Perhaps watching his brother-in-law get mopped up by Russell Pearce has made Congressman Jeff Flake think a little bit more on his stance on immigration. Or maybe the rumors are true and Flake is looking to come back to Arizona to mount a run for Governor.

Either way, now Flake is saying that illegal immigration is a "key issue." He is proposing "conprehensive reform" which should help ease Mesa's problems. Well, I guess the first step is being willing to admit that Mesa has a problem. However, he doesn't go too far with the issue, just saying that he will be involved, and warning against the heated immigration rhetoric. While we agree with him, this discussion is short on solutions and long on rhetoric itself.

What is even more interesting, is that they couldn't even write a whole story about Flake and immigration. There just wasn't enough to go on, so they threw in a whole second story about the Highway Trust Fund. Maybe he is taking a moment away from his constant crucade against pork to actually get something done for his district.

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