Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Below average overachiever

Aim low and beat expectations. Although Mesa's graduation rates are a little bit below the national average, they far exceed the expectations of Education Week magazine. Is that good...or bad?

On the bad side, it is celebrating underachievement. Sure, they beat expectations, but shouldn't they be a little higher? I know the neighborhood demographics are much different between Mountain View and Westwood, but is it enough for a 13 point drop?

On the good side, the state has had the second greatest improvement in the past 10 years, and MPS has instituted a lot of different programs to keep kids in school and get those who have dropped out alternatives for them to earn their diploma.

This shows that MPS has done quite a bit over the last few years to make improvements. Let's hope they are able to continue to improve, even if they are going to be forced to do more with less.


Heath Reed said...

It will be hard because we as citizens expect so much while giving so little. I want my tax dollars to be spent wisely, but just look at our city! No support and a mindset that has really hurt our community and our education system. I hope it gets better, but realistically, I do not see it improving that much more unless we support our schools more than just financially through taxes. It goes beyond money, but money is vital to a good education.

I do not have any faith or trust in our state legislators such as Pearce and Gray. They are cowards.

Anonymous said...

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