Thursday, June 4, 2009

Naming rights for the Metro?

Remember when it was such a big deal that the light rail was going to be called "Metro." Uninspired, for sure, but hey, they promoted it anyway. Now, they are considering naming rights for light rail. Can't wait for the "Metro - brought to you by Gila River Casinos" or "University of Phoenix Metro," which ASU probably would love as much as Glendale loves it.

Are we being buttered up for the time when we realize that the light rail project is having major budget problems? Advertising and special event coverage is one thing, but naming rights are a little different. The Mercury are going with branding on their jerseys next year, but they aren't changing their name. If you want to slap a corporate logo on the side of the train, fine by us, but is shoehorning a sponsor name into the metro worth the money it will generate?

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Heath Reed said...

I would say yes. its a way to be creative and to find additional money to fund light rail. Its better then just raising fairs every 6 months. But I think they need to make sure it makes it unique not like the stadiums names.

How about Swift metro rail?

I also think they should be moving billboards too. Bring on the additional funding so residents can have a cheap alternative in transit then the auto.