Thursday, June 4, 2009

Did Toby Keith impress the "real" audience?

From all accounts, it looks like it was a successful opening of Toby Keith's bar and restaurant yesterday at Mesa Riverview. The Republic even has a slide show, complete with large crowds, which may be a docmented first for the entertainment district.

So the real question is: Did Toby Keith impress the "real" audience? And by that, I mean the investors from New York, Chicago, and other places who were on hand for the opening? As we have said before, its going to take more than just this one establishment to anchor a successful district. Kudos to the economic development director for getting those people there. It was a smart move to show outside investors the economic potential of Mesa - and it was the most ideal time to show them a bustling Riverview as opposed to, say, a regular Wednesday night.

Mayor Smith thanked Keith for his "investment," will others follow suit?

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Heath Reed said...

Hope it worked because that theater district is poorly designed and laid out. The main street should have been bass pro drive so businesses would have twice the exposure to vehicles and pedestrians. There is too much surface parking and is a waste of money for the developer. What they should do is develop on that land around bass pro drive and the theater district (both sides of it) and make it an urban experience. Put parking in a parking garage and bring true mix used with residential. Then you will see more people in this area because you have an available population. If people are out and about, more will feel comfortable and more businesses will come.

but one night is not going to get these investors to jump on. they will do their research and see this area is not doing that well.