Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So far, one guy likes "Mesa bucks"

The Tribune has interviewed one guy who has used the "Mesa bucks" cultural program and are now announcing that the early feedback is positive. Perhaps the author should take a few minutes and see if someone else could be tracked down to help add a level of credibility. Otherwise, the headline should have read, "Some Guy from Las Sendas Likes Mesa Bucks," since that is pretty much the crux of the story.

Anyway, as I have said before, this could be a pretty good move, because its getting people to spend their money in Mesa and then its getting them to spend even more on Mesa's cultural facilities. Still, the program seems a little confusing. Now, its clear that you take your receipts in and they will give you bucks based on your sales tax amounts. Okay, that is easy to understand, but then they have limited the denominations and are rounding amounts to $5 increments. That's nice for those who have spent less because it actually gets them more than they spent, but what about the people who say, spend $7 in taxes? Do they get $5 or $10?

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