Monday, May 18, 2009

Mesa waking up

Sometimes, it still feels like Mesa is waking up after a long slumber. Mesa is now reviving their participation in the Sister Cities program which was long ignored under previous leadership. The program where cities connect with other cities across the world appear to provide value in the exchange of cultural understanding, international relations, and economic development.

These types of relationships could especially be beneficial to Gateway as we seek international trade opportunities and encourage foreign participation in the growth and development in the area.

Some of the decisions that were made in the past don't seem to hold up when they are viewed in the light of day. Mayor Hawker didn't support the program because it was "boring" and it required some subsidization.

Participation in Sister Cities is just one of the many ways that it appears that Mesa is waking up to their potential and taking steps to reach a greater future. Costs and spending should always be a priority, but for too long, it had been the only qualificiation driving Mesa's growth and development. This "as long as its cheap" mentality is what has helped attract Pay Day loan centers and a booming housing market without any thought to attracting more employers.

Its good news to see renewed interest in the Sister Cities program. Its great to see transit efforts such as light rail are being thoughtfully considered instead of being dead on arrival. Encouraging people to shop locally and demanding quality development out of projects such as Gaylord can help generate more revenue and raise our reputation.

Let's hope Mesa is able to fully awaken in time to take advantage of the upcoming economic recovery.

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Heath Reed said...

Great post and right on. That has to be one of the best post of reality in Mesa. I know this might not be nice, but Mayor Hawker IMO was not a good mayor or leader of any sort. The council mirrored his perspective too and has made this city even worse. But, the will of the people is what really has hindered this city.

Pertaining to the sister cities, it is good to see this mayor and council continue to make good decisions for this city. It seems that the people to a point are changing and realizing their errors of how this city should be run. Its not going to change overnight and will be a slow process due to the political ideology of its citizens, but this is very thinking long rang in how this city is going to recover and be a great city instead of the “boringness city in the county” and the “biggest bedroom community”

Jane Thom (?) when she represented district 6 was one of the worst councilmember’s ever.