Tuesday, May 26, 2009

County craziness continues

Has anyone else been paying attention to all of the craziness that seems to be surrounding Maricopa County? It all seemed to start with the indictment of Supervisor Stapley and the whole thing seems to have spun out of control from there.

Back when it was Romney and Arpaio, they used to fight each other, and let the rest of the county operate in peace. Now its Arpaio and Thomas vs. the world, with one being forced to weigh in on any number of fights that other appears to pick.

The latest that has to do with Mesa is the moving of the criminal division of the Maricopa County court from Mesa to Phoenix. Apparently, its okay to demand for more money and criticize the court tower, but when it comes to someone actually trying to save a little money, there must be some sort of ulterior motive.

Meanwhile, Arpaio is letting too many people off, even the conservative think tanks think so, but hey, you only have to like they when you agree with what they are saying.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand, I don't really know how moving the criminal division of court out of Mesa will impact the city, but its not like the courts are going away or the buildings are being left empty. However, what does this do to the victims of these crimes? Will they have to come downtown as well?

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