Thursday, May 7, 2009

That's WAC!

Good news for Hohokam. Mesa signed a three year deal with the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) to host their championship baseball series. Let's hope the city dedicates a portion of their ticket revenues to helping rennovate the training facility so we can keep the Cubs in town.

Finding creative opportunities to attract out of town guests is a great way to expand the revenue base. Utilizing existing facilities as the starting point is a smart move. Mesa is full of opportunies like this. Why not a film festival at Riverview or the Mesa Arts Center? Why not host more adult leage baseball championships? Why not team up with the Temple and do some sort of Mesa's LDS roots tour? How about a sci-fi convention to go along with the tattoo convention?


Heath Reed said...

Some good ideas there. I like this is happening, but the thing is, it is hot hear when this happens. I hope this can tie into MCC becoming a university and jumping into the WAC.

cpmaz said...

Congrats to Mesa!!

While I like the idea of MCC as a 4-year school and a member of the WAC, that is probably years away. If it ever comes to pass.

What I'd like to see is an annual PAC-10/WAC tournament like you see other conferences do in basketball. It'd be a great fit in January in Mesa and maybe a couple of the other spring training sites (and the MLB orgs might go for it because of the ease of scouting a bunch of players in one area).

Of course, even if that doesn't happen (and it probably won't), this is still a great coup for Mesa and for Valley baseball fans.