Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome Cindy Crawford

I know its about 15 years later and she is now 43 years old, but it still is a little bit exciting that Supermodel Cindy Crawford will be in attendance for the naming of the new tower of Banner Children's Hospital.

The tower is being named the Cardon Children's Medical Center after Mesa's Cardon family who apparently donated $10 million towards the construction of the tower. Adding to the flashback to the early 90's, former 49ers QB Steve Young will also be in attendance. Matt Leinert, who was probably in elementary school at the height of the other two's popularity, will also be there.

The bigger news here is that this tower is part of the $356 million expansion slated to open in November, which I believe is the largest capital project planned for the entire valley this year. In addition, they are going to hire an additional 127 nurses, which should help ease the blow of the 60 jobs lost last month.

From supermodels to more jobs, this thing looks good all the way around.

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