Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Neighbors rally for park improvements

As we said during twitter Friday last week, its great to see people picking up the slack to fix the parks in their neighborhood when Mesa doesn't have the budget. Using a $230,000 donation from the Home Depot and KaBOOM!, Park of the Canals and Beverly Park got a clean up and improvement by over 900 volunteers.

Congratulations to everyone involved and kudos for all of the good work. In this sea of for sale signs, mortgage forclosures and abandoned homes, it is important for everyone to do what they can to keep their neighborhoods clean and safe. Sitting around and hoping that city government is going to have the ability to pay for these types of things is not realistic.

Revitalization is a community effort that must be driven by passionate individuals and committed neighbors if its going to have any form of success. Mesa needs to foster these efforts as best as possible, but the neighbors need to understand that the actual work needs to come from them.

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