Monday, May 18, 2009

Help Gateway land another airlines

Virgin America Airlines is looking for new locations for their flights. Enter the backers of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway pushing an effort to encourage the San Francisco based flyer to offer service in and out of Gateway. Sky Harbor is also looking to attract them as well.

Here is the text of an email that has been forwarded to me a couple different times:

Gateway needs your support!

Virgin America is considering scheduled air service to the Valley from San Francisco, California. We respectfully request your support in recommending Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport for this service.

Please go to this link and type in PHOENIX-MESA GATEWAY AIRPORT in the TO box and SFO in the FROM box. Then press next and you're done.

Thank you for your support!
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport
Marketing Department


As I have said before, Gateway needs to look for ways to expand their revenue base so its not dependent on any one group. This seems like an excellent opportunity to do so. We have you have a couple of seconds, you should click the link. Its very quick.

You have to hand it to the Gateway Airport marketing department for their commitment to getting the word out and using Virgin America's own tools to do so. Its time that Gateway is considered a serious contender as an airport reliever. It is going to be up to us to make sure that Virgin America gives the destination the consideration it deserves.

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