Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mesa's No-Homicide Streak Ends

Mesa's longest streak without a homicide in almost 20 years came to an end Sunday when a man was found stabbed to death. It is not clear the cause of the murder, but its unfortunate that the streak had to come to an end.

As we mentioned almost a month ago, it appears that the crackdown on serious crimes appears to be working. Now, let's hope that the homicide rate stays low throughout the rest of the year. If Mesa can emerge as a relatively crimefree city as the economy recovers, we will be in an even better position to be competitive in the marketplace.

Gascon is still a controversial figure who should be made to answer for his faults in judgement, but even his detractors have to admit to the fact that he has done a good job of implementing programs which with the help of a dedicated police force, have made the streets safer.

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