Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Riverview and offices

You have to love Twitter, this story about Mesa Riverview in the Tribune was posted at 3:05 and I saw it on Twitter at 3:11. The story goes on to explain that some of the office buildings have opened at Riverview, and they are having trouble finding tenants. While this may be a problem in the short-term, I think in the long run it will be part of the reason that Riverview may be more successful than Tempe Marketplace.

If you go head to head in the retail department, Marketplace, as I have said before, has a lot more going on. However, Riverview also boasts the office space, the autodealers, the hotel, and this office space.

Mesa has plenty of retail and some would probably say that the city has too much. That is why office commercial like this is so important. That is up to 2,600 potential high wage jobs that could be coming to West Mesa. Having office space located near a large retail center and the 101 and 202 would seem to be an easy sell when the economy starts to rebound.

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