Thursday, January 15, 2009

$6 million for $20 million

Mesa is going to put up $6 million in interest costs to make sure they keep $20 million in State money for the Gateway Freeway extension. It seems to make sense, especially since their investment is going to be matched 3 times over and the project will be moved up by 4 years. Imagine if the San Tan has been done 4 years earlier!

The interest payments appear to be due in 2014 with 3 years to pay back. Hopefully, the financial crisis will be over by then, and Mesa can plan for these expenses and make sure they are within the budget. I also hope that the council is exploring ways to get the rest of the freeway paid for.

It looks to me that the City is looking to pay for the first mile, and the county is on the hook to Meridian Road, but who is responsible from there to the 60? Is there even money for that? It would be very helpful to have a freeway that directly feeds the Gateway area, but it will be a little less impactful if the freeway deadends.

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