Thursday, January 29, 2009

City of Mesa switches to 4 day work week

Mesa is going to a 4 day work week. The City of Mesa will now be closed on Friday, but open earlier and later Monday through Thursday. I think its a good move to save money, but I do question how this is going to impact City Services around Holidays. How will Monday holidays impact all of this? Will the city only be open three days that week?

I am fine with that, but I think they should be starting to set expectations now. Fortunately they aren't starting this until March (missing President's day), so I think they have until May to figure out how to express this to the public. It says that other cities have done it, so I am sure there is some sort of method to do all of it. I am also impressed that they took the time to survey the employees to see if they are on board with the move. A unilateral move like that could have hurt morale if not handled properly.

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