Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great news for sports in Mesa

Two really cool things going on in Mesa regarding sports:

First, the Cactus League experience has opened at the Historical Museum just in time for Spring Training next month. Its really neat to see all of the old pictures and think about the history and tradition of Spring Training throughout the valley. They are also asking for memories regarding Spring Training. I always remember taking a day off every year to make sure I caught a Cubs Spring Training Game. I also remember being honored that Ryne Sandberg called AZ his home in the off season.

The other sports related story is Cards player Lutui visiting Mesa High, his alma mater. Its hard to believe that he only graduated from Mesa High in 2002. Right now, he is probably the biggest player to come out of Mesa since Danny White. Now, I know some of you will mention Todd Heap, who is also a Mesa product, but hey, he isn't playing for the Cards right now, is he? Congratulations to him on his continued success, and congrats to Mesa Public Schools for continuing to produce quality athletes with solid character who can perform at any level.

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