Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Future of ASU Polytechnic

Well, the Trib says that Michael Crow is threatening to close Polytechnic and the Republic says that he isn't. Turn up your speakers on the Tribune story and you can hear an interview with Crow. He is posed the question of Polytechnic which he doesn't really address, but it didn't quite come off as them threatening to close the facility.

Ultimately, they are concerned about the proposed cuts from Senator Pearce and Representative Kavanaugh. Its not clear if they are amenable to any sort of cuts, but they are against the cuts en masse. The one cut that I definitely agree with is the 2008 SPEED stimulus package which was part of last years' stinker of a budget that was built on a wing and a prayer.

I get the need to keep up, but as I have mentioned before, building fancy new buildings doesn't really make the case for even more fancy new buildings.

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