Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok, so I know that bah is more of a sheep sound than a goat sound, but I couldn't quite think of the way to write out the Goat sound. Apparently, its called a bleat. The point to all of this is the fact that City of Mesa has leased 80 goats to help clean up the weeds around town.

Its a really interesting read with some good points on how the city was able to solve a problem with goats instead of man power and pesticides. Plus, you have to hand it to the company that leases the goats, the guy figured out a way to get people to pay him AND feed his goats!

I am not an expert when it comes to greenhouse gases and whatnot, but I would have to assume that goats feeding would be a little easier on the environment than several dudes wielding gas powered weed-wackers. Besides, like the story said, the goats can get places that other people can't. If this works out, we should turn the goats over on the train at Pioneer Park.

After all, those things eat useless old tin cans, don't they?

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Heath Reed said...

I love this. Use natural things to take care of these type of issues. Simple and easy ways that past councils and other cities would debate this and overspend on this issue.