Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan Brewer - 22nd Governor of Arizona

Secretary of State Jan Brewer was sworn in as the new Governor of Arizona today. Was anyone at the event that can offer us a live report? I have to agree with Exurban League about her quote of the day:

“In some ways this feels like you’ve just shown up for a party,” she said. “But all the guests have all gone. Only the caterer is left — and she immediately hands you the bill.”

This is a hilarious line that does seem to be a fitting description of the mess left behind from the previous administration. I think we should give her a chance. From the tenor of her speech, it looks like they are going to focus on business opportunities and ways to make the state grow. Which is sort of an interesting comparison to Obama's "ask what your country can do for you" speech from yesterday.

I encourage Governor Brewer to make sure she pays attention to the entire breadth and depth of the state. Very rarely would Napolitano set foot east of Tempe, since that was not friendly territory to her. Mesa and the entire East Valley is going to be on the cutting edge of this economic revival, and it could be a very valuable tool to her vision for Arizona.

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