Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Moves by Mayor and Council

Mayor Scott Smith was seen putting in some face time at the recent inauguration of new Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane. Its been awhile since Mesa and Scottsdale have gotten along, and perhaps this could be the start of a good relationship. Allhands has it right, the two cities could learn a lot about eachother, especially since the Gateway area could be like Scottsdale Airpark on steroids.

In another saavy move, the Mesa City Councilmembers and judges will also be taking a paycut in response to these tough economic times. They cannot technically cut their salaries because of state law, but they are opting to donate 2% of their salary back to the city. This is a fine showing, especially since they could have given up after the state law prevented them from formally making the cut.

Now bear in mind, the Mayor and Council should be paid more than they are since their jobs really are more than full time, but it shows true leadership that they are willing to cut the small pay that they actually do receive. I commend them and their efforts to get their employees to not only do as they say, but also do as they do.

You don't hear about other cities pondering moves like this, even in ones that are struggling mightily.

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Heath Reed said...

I agree, good move on both parts. Its not my money, but I wish they would make a bigger statement and take a bigger pay cut to lead the way for Mesa. I understand what time they put in, however, they do have other jobs that pay good and can sustain them and their families. I think it would send a great message to the citizens if they take a bigger pay cut this year only.

However, this is a great move. One by good leaders that this city needs.