Friday, February 27, 2009

Quick Hits for Friday

Its kind of a slow news day, so I am just going to do a couple of quick hits on what is going on:

Freeway funding not a done deal for Gateway. It still has to get by the State Transportation Board next month and it looks like some people on the board are less than enthused. Now its the East Valley Mayors' jobs to show them why the freeway is essential to our future.

Mesa Parks Cuts are going to be severe. It is not hopefully a longterm solution, but I think that public safety is more important than parks at this time. Ironically, as it is mentioned in the article, when people can't afford anything else, they start to use the parks and libraries more. Doubt that they are going to complain about slightly longer grass and bushier trees. They probably have a few bank owned homes in their neighborhood anyway.

Mesa is trying to curb theft. The "lock it or leave it" campaign is supposed to help Mesa residents to secure their items to prevent theft. I think they should have gone with the more evocative "hey dummy, lock your stuff!"

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