Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gaylord/Prop 300 rendering is very cool

Here it is, our first glance of the proposed Gaylord Hotel for Mesa. My first impression? Woah.

You look at the pictures of their other resorts around the country and you know that that are big. But then you see the concept of what it would look like with Mesa as the backdrop and it gives you a much better idea of the size and scope of this plan. This truly is nothing like we have seen in Mesa.

I don't quite get the comments about Santa Barbara style architecture. Maybe I haven't spent enough time in Santa Barbara to notice. But the question is: What did they want? A giant pueblo or something that looked like a mission? I think it looks good without being too, well, southwest-y.

Think about what it will look like as you drive up on a place like this. There certainly won't be any missing it. Plus, it a lot of ways, this could be Mesa's greatest ambassador. You could have some CEOs come to Mesa to go to a convention and they stay at this place overlooking the Superstitions and the beautiful desert. They play a little golf, enjoy the weather, see that there is a lot going on out here. Next thing you know, they could be moving their operations to Mesa. It is not that far-fetched of a scenario.

Overall, I think the rendering is very cool and will probably go a long way to convince the voters of Mesa.

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