Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jay-Z and Lebron Donate to Mesa School

Rapper Jay-Z and international basketball superstar Lebron James have teamed up to donate instruments to the Mesa Arts Academy (Tribune version here). The Mesa Arts Academy is operated by the East Valley Boys and Girls club.

Unlike some of the cynical people in the comments section, I think that this is a really nice gesture on behalf of these gentlemen and Sprite. They are taking part of the NBA's efforts to bring goodwill to the communities they are in - a noble and thoughtful effort which can help drive away ill-will of the misbehaviors of the NBA past.

With the All-Star game coming to Phoenix this weekend, it only makes sense to harness the star power in town to help the community. This will be a unique opportunity for the youngsters at the Academy, and sadly, this is probably as close as the people of Arizona will see Lebron James as part of the Valley community. I seriously doubt he will consider Phoenix when his latest contract expires.

Interestingly enough, I follow just enough basketball to get it all wrong. However, I do know that New York is supposed to be saving 2010 cap space to make a big push for Lebron. However, Jay-Z is in some sort of ownership role with the New Jersey Nets, which are moving to Brooklyn sometime soon. Could Lebron end up playing for his buddy Jay-Z's Nets?

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