Monday, February 23, 2009

Mesa's crime problem has no color

Despite the claims of some, not all of Mesa's crime problems can be attributed to illegals or hispanics. What is really interesting to me, is now they are putting the ethnicity of the criminal right into the story, almost as an attempt to cut off the discussion before it starts.

Mesa's Serial robber strikes twice more

Man holds up 99 cent store with steak knife

The two men wanted in connections to these crimes are both caucasian. Although both fairly unique, their stories attracted only a handful of comments. Now, another story from the weekend: a repeat DUI offender is arrested after urinating in front of an unmarked police car and drinking in public.

The difference? A hispanic surname.

Before the comments were turned off, there were pages of negative comments, including questions of his legal status. To which, I say, if he has been arrested on DUI 3 times and is still in the state illegally, someone is seriously not doing their job.

The truth we need to remember is that Mesa's crime problem has more facets beyond illegal immigration. Arizona is still twice the national average when it comes to meth use and meth related crimes. Thefts also typically rise when the economy is hurting and people are losing their jobs. Now is the time for us to work together to solve these problems and help police our own communities, lets look beyond ethnicity and instead, look to just stopping the crime in general.

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