Thursday, February 26, 2009

ICE, ICE Sheriff

Some experts are saying that the ICE program that Sheriff Joe is using to support his raids is a complete bust. From what I understand from this fact sheet and what the article says, the "287 (g) training" is supposed to help local authorities to take efficiently care of criminal illegal immigrants. Basically, the non-profit critiquing the Sheriff's practices explain that the intent of this training was to equip local law enforcement, not give Sheriff Joe free range to arrest Hispanics.

East Valley School Teacher Mike McClellan disagrees, saying that the ICE training is working just great... for the Sheriff. He then proceeds to go through a littany of the Sheriff's misdeeds that are lost under the cloud of him "being the only one doing something about illegal immigration." As long as real immigration reforms continue to fumble along, the Sheriff is going to continue to get away everything else he is doing.

Regarding 287 (g), I don't necessarily think the whole concept is broken - just the way that the Sheriff has manipulated it for his own gain. Of course, that seems to be his MO. However, in the case of Twitter, someone has already beat him to it. As I mentioned earlier this week, everyone should follow the fake Sherriff on twitter - its pretty funny stuff.

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