Thursday, February 19, 2009

I smell manure

And its not just some spread to keep that turf growing on Dobson's campus. District officials are now saying that the landscaping improvements at the school were already in the works and they were just "expedited" because of the President. As I look at the other schools around Mesa, I sure don't see a lot of other ones with green grass. In fact, short of the turf on the varsity football fields, I can't remember a time that MPS seemed to care about the state of the grass on any campus. If it really was part of the bond package, it seems kind of a waste.

Whats even more interesting is that this explanation is thrown in near the end of a different story regarding Dobson students and their opinions of Obama's speech. The statement is almost throwaway in nature, added with some skepticism from the students.

On the bright side, its nice to see that some of the students have thought through this stimulus package and the potential it could have on an already burdened economy. However, it can't be said that Obama is not creating jobs, because the landscapers and Qwest workers would say otherwise.

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