Monday, February 23, 2009

MPS to vote on superintendent tomorrow

It was mentioned awhile back that Mesa Public School had a formal interview with Associate Superintendent Cowan. Now, it looks like they might be ready to make a hire. They are going to vote on hiring Cowan tomorrow at the board's regular public meeting which begins at 7 p.m. (549 N. Stapley Dr.).

With over 21 years at the district and the last 6 as the associate super, it appears that Cowan has a breadth and depth of understanding of how the district has done things in the past and what kind of cuts that they have had to make. It also means that he has been around to see some of their innovations to stay competitive. He will likely provide the continuity that the district needs to continue to move forward.

The challenge is that he cannot linger to long in the past where MPS was the mega-district powerhouse that lorded over all. With greater education options, MPS must focus on their core mission and find ways to stay viable in the sinking economy. We must remember that the district shouldn't survive for its own sake, but for the students in Mesa who need a 21st century quality education to compete in the workplace.

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