Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No Duh!

This just in: If Waveyard isn't built in Mesa, it will go somewhere else. I don't really think that this is shocking to anyone. This is the kind of project that will certainly find a home somewhere in the Valley or some other state closeby. I don't really like to be threatened, but its also helpful to have a dose of reality.

I really think that the voters understand what is at stake here. With the Super Bowl coming to town this year and all the development coming out of the ground at Westgate, I think that people are starting to see what we missed the boat on. I know that many people are still glad that we don't have the stadium (especially after the Cards have lost two weeks in a row in painful fashion). I was luke warm about the stadium at best, and I know a lot of people who were against it. Now, a few of them have started to say that they feel like we missed out. It took several years to realize this, but hey, better late than never. I certainly hope that people look at what Waveyard can bring to Mesa - a town driven by sales tax - and understand that we need to start looking for ways to grow our local revenue.

Its clear that Waveyard will be built somewhere - so why not get the benefits here in Mesa?

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Natalie FInfer said...

And if not Waveyard, what?

Indian Casino? Riverboat Gambling?
We've got the mall thing covered and somebody else got the stadium. The options are limited.

And think who will come...wouldn't you rather have outdoorsy sporty types coming to stay and spend in Mesa than wasted gamblers an all the garbage that comes with them.

No Duh!--indeed!