Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Imagine Robert Robb in swim trunks

Here's a shocker: Robert Robb doesn't like Waveyard. He, of course, hates ice cream, apple pie, and puppies. Heaven forbid that Mesa tries to generate revenue.

Robb argues that Mesa isn't getting a good deal and they are probably going to get less sales tax revenue that they would from other uses. Getting less sales tax than it could from other users? Nestled between two huge shopping centers and a couple of car dealerships, what kind of use would generate more dollars than a place for tourists to go? I don't see another power center doing the trick. Short of leasing the land to the indians and getting a casino (something that one of my readers mentioned yesterday as an idea that they would detest), I think that this is a good idea to raise the revenue base. Only something with one of a kind components might have a shot in bringing more people are revenue into the city.

Robb neglects to mention the financial troubles that Mesa has had in the past, the fact that the property tax was shot down, or the fact that our future rises and falls with the tides of sales tax revenue. The city needs to be more creative in the way they conduct their business and Mr. Robb is beating them up for doing so. Its so nice for him to climb down from his tower from time to time to tell us how dumb we all are and that he knows what is good for us.

Robert Robb seems like the kind of guy who would have poopooed Disneyland because it had never been done before. The large majority of the people I have talked to are in favor of this project. Fortunately, most of them don't read Robert Robb.

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