Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More light rail?

I guess its important to discuss the impacts of potential light rail extensions into Mesa, but shouldn't we wait for the thing to be up and running before we get too far down the tracks (pardon the pun)? They are already looking at the extensions for 2015, and talking about ridership as if its all a done deal.

I think we should all wait and see how this thing goes before we go on an extend it all over the place. Plus, running the tracks down main street so it gets reduced to 1 lane in each direction seems like it would create a traffic nightmare. And, if those shop owners have been downtown in the last year or so, I bet they are shaking in their boots about what the construction would do to their business.

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Justin Halter said...

Great point. Light rail is a death sentence for business along the line.

Why can't we try something better, like Sky Tran or an elevated train?