Friday, October 26, 2007

Griswold captures the early fundraising lead

The Tribune is reporting, Griswold tops field in Mesa campaign fundraising. Congratulations to Mr. Griswold, he is beating his opponents by nearly double their amount. How much did he spend to put his smiling face all around town? How much do each of them have left in the bank?

I wish that everyone would get with the times and post the fundraising reports online. I would be very interested to see who is donating to what campaign. Did either of the incumbents have a war chest before this campaign started? How much was raised while they were "exploring" vs. how much did they raise since they became official candidates? These are questions that I am interested in, but I don't have time to go down and look it up at the clerk's office.

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Mesa said...

I'm pretty sure Rex announced he had $70K when he finally went public with his announcement. He was having city paid meet your councilman pancake breakfast's just a few weeks before that. If he was raising that much money and knew he was running for mayor, why is the city sponsoring events to meet a councilman who is planning on resigning.