Thursday, July 23, 2009

More sweeps coming to the Southeast Valley

Sheriff Joe and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu are working together to sweep the Southeast Valley for the next couple of days. This area includes a portion of Mesa, which is being interpreted by some as a message to Gascon as he walks out the door. It is funny to note that the actual Sheriff Joe said he didn't know anything about the Chief's departure, while his "Real" virtual twitter-self had something relatively nice to say.

Perhaps Joe should look before he tweets, or vice versa. Either way, we're sure it didn't help that Gascon has been in the spotlight the last couple of days. However, we have to wonder, is there something else that the sheriff's office has done that they are trying to cover up? Sweeps usually conveniently happen when an inmate dies, money is misspent or some other shenanigans.

As the taxpayers of Maricopa County, we should almost be relieved if these sweeps are only because the Sheriff isn't getting enough attention. While the papers will try to continue to stir up controversy, it's probably best to treat this for what it is, a law enforcement agency doing some work in Southeast Valley. If we don't blow it out of proportion, eventually the sheriff will get tired and pick a fight with someone else. It's almost like laying still so the Tyrannosaurus can't see you.

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