Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More expansion for Allegiant

Allegiant Airlines is now flying to Grand Rapids, Michigan. This news coming on the tail of their announcement that they had a "highly profitable" third quarter and also added service to Grand Island, Nebraska. This is all good news for Allegiant as well as Gateway airport as they show that they can truly be a hub for travelers.

The fact that Allegiant has been able to do well despite the current economic conditions is a positive, especially since it doesn't appear that much else is happening at Gateway right now. Hopefully, other things are in the works, and we are just waiting for some announcements. In the meantime, it might be nice to hear from some of the planners who are working out there and get a status update on how things are going.

It would be nice to hear from ASU Poly on what their plans are moving forward, the Aerospace Institute would be another one, and it's about time for us to get some sort of update on how the Gaylord is going. All of those folks should take a hint from Waveyard on what not to do when building a relationship with the people of Mesa. Communication is key.

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Heath Reed said...

Its good to see they are expanding. This is good for the future of the airport. This type of thing takes a while to gain speed and become a destination to fly to and bring other airlines to the area. It is happening fast, but it will take at least a decade or two.