Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Glad to see Homebuilders and Goldwater Institute lose

Two groups that have continuously hurt Mesa, the Goldwater Institute and the Homebuilders Association, have lost their case against Mesa's use of cultural impact fees. While it is good to question the actions of the Government from time to time, there is a difference between healthy disagreements and constant obstructionism.

If you recall, the Goldwater Institute came out against the Gaylord project. The Homebuilders Association was trying to stop making growth pay for itself in the Arizona state budget and take about $5.5 million away from Mesa in the process. So, needless to say, it's better to see Mesa come out on the winning end of this court battle.

Of course, this isn't over. The Goldwater attorney called it a "setback," which means they will challenge. It's no secret that they are going to challenge until they can't challenge anymore. Is there anyway to accelerate this process? It would be nice if they stopped wasting the city's time and money.


Heath Reed said...

Goldwater Institute to me has been a huge problem for progress in this state. They have done some nice things, but I think they are way off and hurt the way we need to change what has hurt our economy. It is good to see them lose this case, but it is not the last of them. both are greedy and will not stop.

Anonymous said...

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