Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A lesson on national attention

There seems to be a right way and a wrong way to get national attention. In Mesa, we are seeing quite a bit of it, coming in both ways.

Mayor Scott Smith appears to be gaining attention the right way, with his participation on a prestigious national transportation panel. It paints Mesa in a positive light and shows that the city can be a national leader on important issues.

In what should come as a shock to no one, Sheriff Joe is going the wrong way, picking a fight in Mesa because the Mayor's wife said that the sheriff is not her hero. He also claims that he has never trusted Mayor Smith. All of this is part of the latest feature on the Sheriff which is coming out in New Yorker magazine.

What is scary about all of this is that the Sheriff is willing to say anything to anyone at any time. Do you realize that he openly threatened political retribution in "raiding Mesa again" in front of a member of the media because a fellow elected official's wife said that she didn't favor the Sheriff.

What if she had said she liked vanilla ice cream and the sheriff liked chocolate? Would he have driven his tank down Main Street?

Unfortunately, we have been saying all along that the Sheriff is out of control. Now, it's getting worse because his actions are dragging Mesa into his limelight, when Mesa should be gaining national attention for its work on any number of items including aerospace, transportation, or even urban re-use.


Heath Reed said...

This is not good news. Problem is, Joe is getting out of hand here. I like that he runs his own ship and enforces the law, especially when our state elected officials are not doing their job. But to suggest mesa needs another raid due to the mayors wife comments??? That is lame and this man is going to hurt his past efforts of being the toughest sheriff in the country. This is immature and he needs to shrug things off like this. Do your job and leave the politics out of it. Enforce the law, and no matter what politicians think, you are doing your job and enforcing all the laws.

Personally, if he does a raid like he did last time, with his comments towards Mesa in the past, there could be a lawsuit that could hurt the sheriff, the city and illegal immigration. Some need to check their ego.

Heath Reed said...

Two suggestions about what to write about. There are three articles out that I think could be a good blog. One is about Waveyard seeking an extension (AZ repub) and two articles in the evtrib about downtown Mesa.

Anonymous said...

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