Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sycamore Station still the most popular

The Sycamore/Main Station is still the most popular light rail stop, which is not that big of a surprise considering that it is the end of the line stop. Hopefully, this is a boon for Mesa businesses in the area, taking in people from all over the East Valley.

One property owner who doesn't seem to be taking advantage is the owner of a large lot near the station itself. The owner has been unable to sell the land, and in the meantime, doesn't think it should be used to park cars. If you are waiting for the land to be valuable again, why not do something with it in the meantime?

Farmers don't leave their fields empty while they are trying to sell it to developers. They keep on growing crops. Why not do a few improvements to make it ready to take transit passengers, and then charge them to park? People would pay for the convenience, especially if something valuable like covered parking was offered.

Any investment would be a good investment at this point.


Heath Reed said...

not a surprised, but supports the idea of light rail expanding into mesa besides one mile.

Anonymous said...

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