Monday, August 4, 2008

How is Mayor Scott Smith doing?

Saw an interesting little survey on the homepage of the Mesa section of AZcentral over the weekend. Its probably still there, but in case it goes away, the basic premise is they asked how people think that new Mesa Mayor Scott Smith is doing on the job after two months.

I was surprised to see that nearly 56% of the people thought he was doing a good job. About 30% said that it was too soon to tell. Only 1% said that they longed for the former council (ouch). Based on other surveys in the past on the AZcentral homepages and the general attitude in the comments sections, its a fairly impressive feat.

Maybe people were just so sick of the old council that they are enjoying a breath of fresh air, or maybe Smith really is getting a lot done and people are feeling that change is really going to happen. Most likely, its a combination of both.

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