Friday, August 8, 2008

Apparently Mesa Deserves Personal Attacks

I don't know if you have been following the latest two day saga regarding the attacks on Russell Pearce. Espresso Pundit first broke the story on Tuesday night that a group called Mesa Deserves Better was attacking Pearce with a very nasty postcard. In fact, I think its one of the nastiest political mailings I have ever seen.

Sonoran Alliance did a great job of covering the story throughout the day on Wednesday and Thursday. Ultimately, Russell's wife LuAnne sent out the following statement to put the issue to rest:

"Recently opponents of our State's employer sanctions law made despicable,misleading and false attacks on my husband and our family. Twenty-eightyears ago a petition for divorce was filed on my behalf. The allegations inthis 28 year old document are not true and the petition was shortlythereafter withdrawn.

The people behind this "Mesa Deserves Better" committee are not honorable.Their only purpose is to destroy my husband's good reputation, to hurt ourfamily and to repeal the law which prevents them from hiring individuals whoare in this country illegally. I urge everyone to reject these meanspirited people and all who are affiliated with them. It is apparent thatthey will go to any length and use any measure to further their ownpolitical agenda.

My husband is a good man, a man of faith who taught our children andgrandchildren the meaning of honor and duty to God, Family and Country. Ihope all voters in District 18 join me in supporting my husband for StateSenate and rejecting these misleading and false attacks."

-LuAnne Pearce

The real issue here is who is behind the attacks. We found out that its the guys who own fast food restaurants around town (including the ones that take pesos) and the people behind the efforts to change the employer sanctions laws.

When I read the story, today, there was an advertisment showering money all over the place, which I thought was an ironic statement since these guys appear to be dumping a lot of money to target Pearce so they can hold on to more of their money by being able to hire whomever they want.

Anyway, it doesn't look like this is the end of the personal attacks on Russell Pearce. So, when they say that "Mesa Deserves Better" what they are really saying is that Mesa deserves to suffer throught a month of terrible mudslinging and personal attacks. If they don't like Russell Pearce because his strong positions on immigration, they should go after him on that. If the people of the district agree with them, they'll certainly follow.

I certainly don't agree with Russell Pearce on everything, but its the notion of not sticking to the issues that really disgusts me.

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chumgrinder said...

Mesa Deserves Better is reportedly run by Nathan Sproul, ex-chair of the state GOP.

His name first rose to my attention in conjunction with his "Majority Rule" initiative, which would have made it impossible to pass an initiative that raised taxes on anybody unless a majority of THE VOTERS (not just a majority of the voters WHO VOTED) voted to pass it.

From this somewhat radical initiative, I assumed that Sproul was one of the handful of politicians in Arizona who "got it." Now, having seen these ham-fisted attack pieces, I just can't imagine where this fellow is actually coming from.