Wednesday, November 21, 2007

When will we know if Mesa has turned the corner?

So, I have looked back over the last few posts and over the last few months and I really have to say that in many ways, things are starting to finally look up in Mesa. We are looking at quality projects like Waveyard, Mesa Proving Grounds, and the Condos at Fiesta Mall. People seem to be interested in actually moving to Mesa.

I think that a lot of people will tell you that Mesa is on the verge of turning the corner. But I think that there are still a few very pressing issues that need to be addressed before we can even discuss making such a proclaimation:

  • Reducing crime in the aging parts of Mesa
  • Keeping up with police and fire coverage especially in East Mesa
  • Delivering all of the transportation projects that were promised
  • Getting immigration under control
  • Creating a budget that doesn't continue to grow out of control
  • Cutting our reliance on utility rate increases
  • Building a long term plan for Gateway
  • Making a plan for Downtown
  • Taking an objective look at Light Rail

These are the types of issues that I hope that the candidates for Mayor address in the upcoming election. Its clear that there are positive steps in the right direction, but the road to redemption is long. Its going to take some vision to get these things done.


Mesa said...

The changes you mentioned are the same things Mesa faced 5 years ago. The current council and Mayor haven't done a thing. It's time for a new Mayor that doesn't have any of the baggage along with a new council that can start over. We're at a crossroad here, Rex and Claudia are going left and the rest of Mesa are turing right!!

Jon said...

I offered my suggestion for downtown redevelopment quite awhile back:

Needless to say, the idea was never seriously considered.