Thursday, November 8, 2007

East Valley Congessional Races

Saw this very interesting article about the upcoming races in the East Valley. I also saw this post by the folks over at Seeing Red Arizona categorizing the Flake/Pearce contest being a race between an open border lover and a very popular immigration advocate.

The one thing that I notice is that in both CD5 race and the CD6 races, we are going to watch a bunch of Republicans beat up on eachother. There are going to be up to six people looking to take on Mitchell, and Flake and Pearce is going to be nasty as well.

Well, gee, this tactic seemed to work out well 2 years ago in CD8. Plus, a lot of people forget this, but Napolitano skated to victory in her original AG's race because two republicans lit eachother on fire in the primary. Republicans beating up on Republicans is never a good thing - and I think its an especially bad thing next year.

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