Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taxpayers protected in Cubs Deal

The Arizona Republic is complimenting the City of Mesa for their handling of the Cubs deal and their efforts to protect the taxpayers.  It is indeed a good deal that will keep the Cubs in Mesa for at least the next 30 years and perhaps even 20 more.  Fifty years from now, who knows what Spring Training will look like, but for now, one of the city's largest economic engines is staying put.

The editorial couldn't help itself but put in a parting shot about the Riverview shopping complex across the street.  For some reason, the media likes to put down Riverview while praising Tempe Marketplace which basically put most of Mill Avenue out of business.  The question is, would the Cubs stadium be at Riverview if not for the shopping center?  The largest complaint  about Hohokam (besides that its next to a cemetary) is the fact that there is no retail nearby.  Without Riverview, the closest retail would be in Tempe.  Keeping the Cubs money in Mesa should be our biggest priority and with that, the Cubs deal makes the Riverview deal even better.

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