Friday, October 14, 2011

Release: Jerry Lewis is Failing Our Kids

Mesa, AZ – Today, Senator Russell Pearce’s campaign responded to his political opponent’s assertion that he is a “school reformer.”
The Arizona Department of Education recently released their evaluations for Arizona’s schools. Under their new “A-F School Accountability Letter Grade System,” two schools that Jerry Lewis manages are receiving only a “C” and “D” grade.

It is important to note that according to Wednesday’s Arizona Republic, the new grading "formula puts more weight on how much students improve and less on their level of performance".

The two schools that received such poor improvement grades under Jerry’s “reform” include the Children’s First Academy of Tempe (C grade) and Children’s First Academy of Phoenix (D grade).
Under this system a “failing” school is given a “D” grade when it is actually failing during the grading period. Only after three “D” grades in consecutive grading periods is the school actually assigned an “F”.

“Jerry Lewis runs around the district talking about his record of improving
schools. However, this report tells a different story,” stated Chad Willems, Pearce’s campaign manager.

Willems continued, “Interestingly, the Tempe school is the same one in which Jerry Lewis admitted he stole donated items for homeless children and gave to a friend to sell at a garage sale. Perhaps Jerry took more than just donated clothes and an entertainment center for the homeless kids. Looks like he stole their schoolbooks too.”

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