Thursday, October 13, 2011

Early Voting Starts today

Early voting starts today in the LD 18 recall race.  The Arizona Republic seems content to squeeze every last bit of juice out of this story by keeping it on the front pages.  This time, its an indepth look at the changing demographics of LD18.

What is interesting is that the face of the District will change again with the upcoming redisticting process.  In fact, next fall, Senators Pearce and Crandall may end up in the same district with Lewis on the outside looking in.  You think that Pearce vs. Lewis has been contentious - imagine what Pearce vs. Crandall would look like. 

Senator Crandall is almong the handful of legislators who have not stood up in support of Pearce because Pearce supported Crandall's opponent in the Primary.  Crandall's former LD19 seatmate Former Speaker Kirk Adams has also failed to appear on the list of those supporting Pearce - raising questions from fellow lawmakers.

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