Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Mesa?

Very interesting.  Earlier today, we had someone send us a couple of very revealing pictures.  Take a look below. 

This first one is from a protest back in March.  Notice that his sign is very anti-Republican.

Now, check out this second picture, here is the same guy at the Occupy Phoenix march last week.  You can't miss that trademark cowboy hat.  And do you see who is next to him?  A Jerry Lewis supporter.  A Jerry Lewis supporter standing side by side with the anti-Republican protestor.

Now, here is the same Jerry Lewis supporter with the rest of the Occupy Phoenix crowd.

What's next an Occupy Mesa rally?  It is clear that the anti-Republican, anti-Pearce crowd is behind the recall.  Now they have turned their support to Jerry Lewis. 

Meanwhile, Jerry Lewis is trying to paint himself as a conservative Republican, but he can't separate himself from those backing the recall.  We would doubt very many LD 18 voters marched in the Occupy Phoenix parade.

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Mesa Voter said...

What if a bunch of neo-nazis were big supporters of SB1070? Does that make Pearce a nazi?