Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wilson and Walters announced Mesa Man and Woman of the Year

No matter how large Mesa grows, one of the time honored traditions that helps this city maintain some of its small town roots is the annual announcement of a Mesa Man and Woman of the Year. This year Dr. Ralph V. Wilson and former Vice-Mayor Claudia Walters will receive the honors.

Wilson is a long-time surgeon that served Mesa and throughout the world. Walters is a longtime community and education public servant who served on the Mesa City Council for 8 years. Take the time to read more about their accomplishments from the article and learn more about the Man and Woman of the year program from their website.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I read the list of those who had received the award. No name really stood out to me as having gone above the call of duty or showed great leadership.

While yes they have all given great amounts of time and energy to the causes, what out standing things have they done for the community?

Now I may have my differences with some of them and that my be a grounds for critisium.

But I ask,

Are they more out standing than a single mother or father raising a family who gets up every morning before the kids do to make sure they are ready for day, goes to work (not on welfare), does the house chores after the kids are asleep before going to bed and then starts all over gain in the morning.

Are they more outstanding than the 7yr old boy who jumped in a canal to save a friend and didn't make it out alive?

Are they more outstanding than the fireman or police officer who gives their life in the line of duty?

If not then this is just a feel good award given by those who already got it once.

Give the award to the real heros in the community.