Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More on Fiesta District fire station

The discussion continues on the Fiesta District fire station. It turns out that they originally started with 10 locations for this station before bringing it down to two. The owner of the NW corner of Extension and Grove wants above appraisal, while the owner of the Fiesta site is willing to go for less.

It does have many of the desired specifications including access to two roadways (preferable), visibility to the community, and contributing to the revitalization of surrounding area. However, they were looking for 5-7 acres, and this site is a little over 9 acres. The question remains, what are they going to do with the rest of the space?

On December 12, they held a public forum to get some feedback. Someone sent us the feedback summary, which we will share:

1. As a taxpayer, this is the time to purchase property. As a resident in the community, I think a more high profile location would be a help in deterring crime and revitalize an area. Perfect. Good job! It’s good when the government gets something right. (Send the $4 million stimulus money back.)

2. Mr. Kavanaugh and council need to make a better effort to get the corners of the strip mall at Southern and Alma School to sell. This is a prime location.

3. Sounds like a good location as a barrier to box in the riff-raff along Emerald Road. But it is expensive!

4. Like the new site – increased visibility at reasonable cost and expansion potential.

5. Yes; quick, fast, and in a hurry.

6. I support the plan.

7. As a residence of Dobson Ranch, I strongly support the proposed site. Build it!

8. I might have hoped that the City - or anyone - might do something – anything – with the property at Southern and Alma School. As a close second, the Longmore and Southern property seems an excellent choice. Let’s do it.

9. Good location choice – use of existing land in an area that needs redevelopment support. Support south of freeway needs to continue at appropriate levels.

10. Understanding better about the timing of purchasing property at lower prices than before, and knowing that patrolling in “Dobson Ranch” won’t diminish, I personally feel better about the location.

11. Great idea. Eleven in our cul-de-sac want it here.

12. Yes! For this site – sounds good

13. City Engineer did a great job presenting the project!

14. Good idea and great location.

15. I fully support this project for the area. I think it would help to fill some empty retail square footage with a new use, which will help the area considerably.

16. I think this is a great site. It takes care of two very important issues. It will renovate the vacant strip mall and keep the police station in the Fiesta District. I am in favor of a more visitor friendly police station. Thank you for your presentation and all of your hard work.

17. Good presentation. Looks like a good choice. Should incorporate community room. Should go through design review process.

18. I fully support the plan to move the Dobson Substation to the Longmore location. Let’s do it!

Despite some concerns about cost, not surprisingly, there appears to be a high level support from the surrounding area. The key appears to be the element of redevelopment and the impact that it will have.


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Heath Reed said...

So where is the factually evidence or research that the visibility of a substation will reduce crime? Its more of an assumption that this is statement is true. If it was true, they would go further north where all the crime is and plop it down right in the middle. However, this site also lessens the opportunity of private redevelopment and for sales taxes to be generated in the future from this location. Also, MCC and MPS have presented their vision of stadiums to the city. This site is adjacent to where these stadiums are proposed. I know it is a long shot, and might be a pipe dream to a point, but this location does not seem like a very good strategic or visionary location of how the district might redevelop. I think it hurts the area more than helps it from an urban standpoint.

I do understand why they picked it though. It was good to see citizens comments about the site. I bet most in there were from Dobson ranch and were in favor of it. I wonder what those on the other side of the freeway think of this proposal. In the newspapers, many said they did not like the site and thought maybe Powell Jr. High or another location would be better.