Wednesday, December 2, 2009

433 Miles from Naples

Keep the Cubs has a very keen observation about the Cubs' latest visit to Florida. The Ricketts family finally met with the Governor of Florida, but they had to fly 433 miles from Naples to do so. Maybe they really did want to feel what it would be like for the Cubbies to train in Florida.

Meanwhile, back in Arizona, all of the Spring Training teams are in the valley and are no more than about an hour away. Can Florida claim that? No.

As we mentioned yesterday, everything in the Cubs video could be seen in less time than it would take for the Cubs to travel from one stadium to the next. Is there any question why so many Cubs players and fans have retired in Arizona over the years? Better weather, more convenience, and better golf. Add in the fact that we have BOTH palm trees and cactus, Mesa wins big time. If they really want the beach, perhaps they should call up the guys at Waveyard and offer to lend a hand.

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