Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fiesta District News

Some interesting news for the Fiesta District. First, ASU students used the area as a "real life" project for a school planning exercise. Their idea was a pedestrian friendly paseo concept with an attraction like the Riverwalk in San Antonio. We have received similar free advice before, now the question is if anything can be done about it.

One thing that may be in the works is locating a new Fire station within the district. Two councilmembers are at odds over a plan for Mesa to purchase the shopping center at Southern and Longmore that once housed the Bed Bath and Beyond, Circuit City and others. Kavanaugh is advocating for the Fiesta location while Finter wants the Council to consider locating the station at Powell Junior High whose future is uncertain.

The Fiesta site is more centrally located and on two larger roads, but the question is, what would the city do with the rest of the land? Would Mesa hold on to it, or would they try to sell the rest of it off? Is the city getting a good price in this current real estate climate? If they do end up choosing that location, they should do what they can to show how they have reduced costs.

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